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Josh Segarra is known for his roles in Arrow and Sirens.
Josh Segarra has been in some of the most popular series and movies of the last decade. This young American actor began his career in the television film Vampire Bats. Almost 20 years later, he has had appearances in multiple important shows. One example is Blue Bloods, in which he was a guest star in the fourth season.
Currently, he's best known for his performance in Arrow and Sirens. He has been in other series such as Orange Is the New Black, The Big Door Prize, and The Electric Company. In addition, he has been on the big screen in films such as Scream VI and Christmas on the Square.
Blue Bloods is an American police drama created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess for CBS. The series follows the members of the Reagan family, whose members are all involved in law enforcement in New York. This group of detectives, policemen, prosecutors, and lawyers is in charge of prosecuting the city's criminals on a daily basis.
Segarra appeared as a guest star in the fourth season, in the episode "Knockout Game." He played Mike Rose, a man concerned for the safety of his wife, Stephanie, after she was attacked by a group of youths in the street.
Chicago P.D. is a 2014 American police drama that was created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead for NBC. It follows Lieutenant, then Sergeant, Hank Voight, and his group of Chicago Police Department officers. They're in charge of investigating and catching the city's criminals, using unconventional methods to do so.
Josh Segarra plays Justin Voight. This recurring character until the third season is the son of Lieutenant Hank. During the series, he can be seen getting into trouble with the law due to substance abuse. Eventually, he's killed by one of his drug dealers.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a comedy/superhero miniseries that was created by Jessica Gao in 2022 for Disney+. Its plot follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who can transform into a big, strong green creature when she gets angry. This one doesn't want the abilities she has, so she must forcibly live with her transformation. Jennifer is a good lawyer and usually handles human cases.
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Segarra plays Augustus Pugliese, a friend and co-worker of Jennifer's at the GLJ&H law firm. He's a smart, loyal man who is always ready to support the lawyer in either of her two ways. In addition, he actively participated in unmasking Intelligence, a criminal agency in the city.
Christmas on the Square is a 2020 Christmas musical film that was directed by Debbie Allen for Netflix. Its plot follows Regina Fuller, a wealthy, mean and bitter woman, who inherits a town upon the death of her father. All of a sudden she wants to evict the inhabitants to sell the land. However, an angel comes to her side to show her what life would be like if she doesn't change her ways.
Josh Segarra plays Pastor Christian Hathaway, a main character in the film. He's a man of faith, kind, and caring. He is very concerned about the fate of the town and is the first to try to bring Regina to her senses.
The Electric Company is a children's television series developed by Karen Fowler in 2009. It's a reboot of the series that premiered in 1971 and shows a group of young heroes, whose goal is to educate the little ones. To do so, they use drawings or songs with educational content. In addition, they fight their disastrous neighbors, The Pranksters.
In the show, Segarra plays Hector Ruiz, one of the main characters. He's in charge of running Electric Diner, which is where the heroes of which he is the leader reside. He's a nice, intelligent, sports and technology-loving young man who likes to innovate. He has the ability to remember anything and can throw word balls.
Sirens is a comedy television series created by Denis Leary and Bob Fisher in 2014. The series follows the daily lives of Johnny, Hank, and Brian, three Chicago paramedics. Due to the trio's narcissistic personality, they often have problems with each other and their personal relationships. On a daily basis, they can be seen dealing with the funny cases and patients that this great city throws at them.
Josh Segarra plays Billy Cepeda in the series, one of the main characters in the second season. He's funny, charismatic, creative and, although he seems silly, he is, in fact, smart. He works for the Chicago Police Department and is Theresa's patrol partner.
The Big Door Prize is an American comedy series created by David West Read for Apple TV+ in 2023. The show is based on the book by M.O. Walsh and is set in Deerfield, USA. There, a mysterious machine appears with the supposed ability to tell people's true life purpose. Gradually, the locals begin to change their jobs, relationships, and lifelong beliefs.
Josh Segarra plays Giorgio, one of the main characters. He's one of the inhabitants of Deerfield and a former ranger and athlete. He decides to fulfill his dream of opening his own Italian restaurant. He's an intelligent, charismatic, and attractive man. At times, he seems a bit arrogant, but that is due to his insecurities. In reality, he wants to feel loved.
Orange Is the New Black is a drama and comedy series created by Jenji Kohan and released in 2013 by Netflix. The show portrays the life of women who are confined in a penitentiary in New York. Its protagonist is Piper, a woman with a good life, who's locked up for crimes she committed years ago because of her ex-girlfriend. Now she must face the difficulties of prison in order to reach the end of her sentence.
Segarra plays Danilo Stefanovic, a recurring character between seasons 6 and 7. He's an officer at the Litchfield Maximum Security Correctional Facility. He is a big, strong, and rough-looking man. As a prison guard, he is moody, disobedient, vindictive, and rude.
Scream VI is the fourth installment of the franchise of the same name. It's a slasher horror film, which was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet and released in 2023 in the United States. This film follows the four survivors of the Woodsboro massacre, and the trauma the event generated in their lives.
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In the movie, Segarra plays Danny Brackett, Sam's neighbor. He has a secret relationship with her because she receives many threats for being a suspect in the murders. When Ghostface goes to the girl's house to attack her, Dan helps her escape by passing a ladder through her window. Then, for safety's sake, they distance themselves for a while. In the end, with the killers unmasked, they get back together.
Arrow is an action-superhero series based on the well-known DC Comics character. The series was developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andres Kreisberg for The CW. The series ran for eight seasons. During its broadcast, it was very well received by the public and critics, obtaining high scores on Rotten Tomatoes.
The series follows Oliver Queen, a billionaire, who remained shipwrecked for five years with his father on an island. Five years later, he returns to Starling City to resume his life and fight crime as an anonymous vigilante. To do so, he uses his bow and special arrows as his best weapon. As the series progresses, his past is revealed in the form of flashbacks, which help build his story and that of other characters.
In the series, Josh Segarra plays Adrian Chase, a recurring character during the fifth season and a main character in the sixth and eighth. He's an antagonist and, for a time, was a district attorney and a collaborator of Oliver. However, after the death of his father, he becomes Prometheus, a serial killer who also uses a bow and arrow. He's intelligent, skilled, a disturbed person, and a strong rival.


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