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A Christian author recently published a book highlighting the book of Revelation and events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. 
Kinley, who specializes in biblical prophecy, released his latest book, “God’s Grand Finale: Wrath, Grace, and Glory in Earth’s Last Days,” encouraging fellow Christians to observe God’s nature in Revelation and end times themes.
“It does tell us about the end of time, the whole Tribulation period, heaven … the Second Coming, the Antichrist, many different things,” he told CBN News in an interview. “But, interestingly enough, most Christians don’t realize that the book of Revelation actually reveals who God is to us.”
According to Faithwire, Kinley also debunked the biggest misconception regarding Revelation, which is the belief that the text can never be misunderstood.
“The biggest misconception about Revelation is the [claim] that no one can understand it,” he said. “If you think about it, the word ‘revelation’ means ‘to reveal,’ so it doesn’t make sense that God would write a book, name it the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and then embed it into some undecipherable code that nobody can understand.”
“I think it can be understood if you just read it in its plain sense,” he added.
The End Times author also stressed the parallel that Old Testament prophecies have to the New Testament and how Christians should view eschatological Scriptures in the New Testament.
“When you look at all of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the first coming of Christ, they were all fulfilled literally and precisely as they were written in the Old Testament,” Kinley said. “Now, as we look at the New Testament prophecies about Jesus’ Second Coming, the rapture … of the end times, we would expect God to fulfill those literally and exactly as prophesied.”
In Kinley’s point of view, the events described in Revelation have yet to be fulfilled. He also shared that the book should give people hope for God’s reconciliation of His people and the establishment of the Lord’s kingdom on Earth.
“God is in charge of the universe, that all is well, that whatever John’s going to see in the rest of Revelation, just know God’s saying, ‘I got this,’” Kinley said. 
He also asserted that the book of Revelation says evil will finally be gone.
“It’s what we pray every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer — ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven,’” he said. “And there is hope there — hope to know that Christ is going to do away with evil, do away with unrighteousness, injustice, all the things that we all long for. Jesus is going to bring that to pass, and that gives us great hope.”
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