Fall at DKNY is 'For You' – The Manila Times

New York, the city that never sleeps, has always been the enduring muse of DKNY. Its bustling streets, pulsating culture, and the beautiful tapestry of individuality have consistently fueled the brand's creative fire. Now, in a celebration of the city's timeless allure, DKNY unveils its Fall 2023 campaign, aptly titled “DKNY For You,” where dreams and reality converge to explore the unique essence of New York.
Photographed by the talented Dan Martensen and styled by the visionary Alastair McKimm, the campaign stars the captivating Amelia Gray Hamlin and the charismatic Christian Combs. They are joined by an ensemble cast of personalities, each with their own profound connection to the city that never ceases to inspire. From Abby Champion to Peter Dupont, Catarina Guedes to Alex Schlab, Hiandra Martinez to Raph – this diverse lineup embodies the unmistakable local attitude, anchoring every image with a palpable sense of authenticity.
Surrounding these captivating figures are cinematic views and street scenes that seem to suspend time itself. Every New York moment captured in this campaign is a statement of style, a testament to the city's enduring influence on fashion and culture.
At the heart of the collection lies an innate approach to dressing for urban life. Classics are revitalized with effortless polish, silhouettes are streamlined to enhance their allure, and the tonal palette exudes strength and focus. Standout pieces include elevated faux leather dresses adorned with edgy metal accents, textural outerwear that demands attention, polished varsity jackets that exude youthful sophistication, and satin suits meticulously structured for sharp sophistication.
Every ensemble tells a story and offers a corresponding experience. Whether you're catching a show at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, engaging in a spirited chess game in a city square, immersing yourself in the latest art exhibit, or simply finding solace on a park bench, “DKNY For You” encourages you to embrace the city's influence and let it shape your style.
The Fall 2023 collection is now available in the Philippines from the brand's official distributor, the SSI Group.


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