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Stevie J and Faith Evans got married in 2018, but the ups and downs of their relationship leave the status of their marriage up for debate.
The relationship between Stevie J and Faith Evans has been slightly confusing to keep up with over the years. Some might even consider their relationship to be problematic. After all, plenty of their issues have dramatically unfolded in front of the public eye. The true question at hand is… where do Stevie and Faith stand now? The validity of their marriage has been on shaky grounds since late 2021. Here’s an update about where the famed hip hop couple is headed next.

Stevie’s career speaks for itself. He started making a name for himself in the entertainment industry in the early ’90s. He’s now widely recognized as a television personality and megaproducer. In fact, his career has been so successful that he even won a Grammy award in 1997. Taking home Grammy awards isn’t something many people can claim for themselves. Still, it’s something Stevie was successfully able to manage.
Stevie served as a lucrative in-house producer of Bad Boy Records, creating influential hits alongside Sean “Puffy” Combs. One of his significant projects was the self-titled debut album of the R&B quartet 112. Their biggest single, “Only You” featuring The Notorious B.I.G., is on the top of Stevie’s list of accomplishments.
Stevie has millions of followers on social media. His credits in major productions include The Way Men Think in 2021 and 2019’s Black Jesus. Stevie’s reality TV drama caused heads to turn in 2012 when he was caught in an explosive love triangle with Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez on Love & Hip Hop. Then, he emerged on the series in a new romance with Faith Evans. Their marriage in 2018 caused fans to grow curious about Stevie J’s wife and personal life.

Faith is noteworthy in her own right, separate from her title as Stevie J’s wife. She’s a singer who launched her career in the music industry in the early ’90s. The pair met during their time with Bad Boy, as Faith was also married to Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Although their wedded bliss seemed to be over when he passed, she is credited as his widow. After decades of friendship, Faith and Stevie made things official by tying the knot in 2018. It was reported the ceremony was in a Las Vegas hotel room.
Additionally, reality TV lovers can catch glimpses of Stevie and Faith‘s relationship in old Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta episodes. The popular show premiered in 2012, documenting the lives of some of the most successful rap-related residents of the Atlanta area. Faith’s appearance was short-lived, and the real drama in their romance unraveled away from the unscripted show’s cameras.
A low point in Faith and Stevie’s marriage was when she was arrested in May 2020 for felony domestic assault charges. Cops reportedly responded to a 911 call and escorted her into custody. Within the same day she was placed behind bars, she posted bail and returned home. After everything was said and done, the charges were officially dropped.
It was then that Stevie and Faith started uploading suspicious lovey-dovey content on social media. After her arrest, they tried to show the world they would make it work. It seemed the couple was moving in the right direction and staying on track… until cheating allegations and rumors surfaced. In a video posted on social media, Faith describes her hatred towards Stevie, who then responds to her with a very explicit remark. He reportedly said, “I hate you, too. You f—ked this [n-word] in my own house. B—h, f–k you.” He went on to say, “All I did was love you. How could you do that to me?”
Amid their 2021 attempted divorce debacle, Stevie reportedly asked the court to grant him spousal support from Faith. In that same request, he stated that he didn’t want Faith to have access to any of his own assets. Faith responded by asking the judge to terminate the notion of any spousal support being directed in Stevie’s way. The conversation about spousal support came to an end when they decided to see things through without continuing with their divorce plans. Now, fast-forwarding to the present day in 2023, it looks like their divorce is back in motion.

The drama between Stevie and Faith subsided for a short while after they dropped their 2021 divorce plans. Now, he’s ready to pursue the divorce on a far more severe level. In fact, Stevie hired a powerhouse lawyer from a firm called Harris Ginsberg to handle the incredibly messy case. However, the divorce might be at somewhat of a standstill for now. With Stevie’s new hard-hitting lawyers working on his behalf, the dissolution of his marriage could be right around the corner. As of now, Faith hasn’t responded.
The latest drama surrounding the ex-couple is that Stevie took Faith’s $164K Mercedes without her permission. He drove it to Coachella in what’s been labeled a “joy ride.” Faith expeditiously reported the car stolen, and the court ordered Stevie to return the vehicle immediately. Faith took it one step further by bringing up his suspended license.
Her latest posts on social media depict a woman who is unbothered, booked, and busy. She recently shared a couple of clips of her night out at a ritzy bar. Before that, she posted a close-up image of a stunning photoshoot. She also uploaded a group shot from her time in New Jersey. Based on her social media presence, she remains tightlipped about the current divorce proceedings.


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