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Keith Richards has divulged more about his infamous history of drug and alcohol use, along with his more recent turn to a “straight” lifestyle, in a new interview with The Telegraph.
“The cigarettes I gave up in 2019,” The Rolling Stones guitarist shared. “I haven’t touched them since. I gave up heroin in 1978. I gave up cocaine in 2006. I still like a drink occasionally – because I’m not going to heaven any time soon – but apart from that, I’m trying to enjoy being straight. It’s a unique experience for me.”
The always-candid Richards fondly recalled his former preferred drink of choice of vodka and orange soda, saying, “Oh, the Nuclear Waste,” before stressing that he only consumed “enough, always just enough” and confirmed he had since “given that up.”
The topic of his prolific drug use then naturally segued to the 79-year old’s views on longevity.  “I’m blessed, maybe, that physically this thing just keeps going,” referring to his body. “So far, I have no real problem with getting old. There are some horrific things that you can see in the future, but you’ve got to get there. I’m getting along with the idea of being 80, and still walking, still talking. I find [aging] a fascinating process. But then if you didn’t, you might as well commit suicide.”
The Stones legend revealed last year that he had quit smoking cigarettes two years prior after deciding to “just put the hammer on it.” Though he’s earned his notorious reputation for following a questionable diet of drugs and alcohol over the years, Richards now demonstrates an admirable standard of health, even advising anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton to do “as doctor says” and get the COVID-19 vaccine in 2022.
Past drug and alcohol habits aside, Richards has certainly shown more vitality than the typical near-octogenarian as he and The Rolling Stones prepare to release their latest LP, Hackney Diamonds, on October 20th. The project marks their first album of original material in 18 years and features two contributions from late drummer Charlie Watts as well as confirmed guest appearances by Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and more.
Keith Richards on Living a Clean Lifestyle: “It’s a Unique Experience for Me”
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