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Carol Wassan’s letter to the editor on Aug. 31 (“Stuckart needs a life”) was as generous in its revisionism as it was light on facts.
Ignoring that Ben Stuckart is not running for any elected office, and therefore not in any way in “competition” with our current mayor, we should examine the facts of the event he spoke out against:
The “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour was no spontaneous prayer vigil organized for victims of the horrific fires of two weeks ago, but a multicity tour scheduled months ago as a grab bag of greatest hits grievances of far-right “culture warriors.”
Who can corroborate this? Matt Shea himself, who posted on X the day after the event: “This is an annual event planned months ago to worship Jesus,” Shea wrote. “It wasn’t for ‘fire victims.’ She (Woodward) was invited and she accepted before the fires started on Friday.”
In 2019, Woodward ran as basically a one-issue candidate. With zero political experience and friends with deep pockets (who still support her) she convinced the city of Spokane that she was the only one with the answers to solve the crisis of homelessness. She has failed.
In 2019, she wisely rebuffed the endorsement of white nationalists. Maybe this time she is looking to shore up the support which she is losing from moderates by making friends with extremists? One wonders what these new “friends” will want in return should they help her win re-election?
Emily Grizzell
What are the editors thinking when they print the misinformation of Sue Lani Madsen (“Climate change too complex to blame on single cause,” Aug. 31)?
The continued disinformation of climate science denial, similar to the disinformation of cigarette manufacturers’ claims that the science is not conclusive that cigarette smoking causes cancer, is a disservice to the readers of this paper and a reason why very little is being done to protect the environment. That Madsen dares to compare a reputable climate scientist, Michael Mann, to a “popularized journalist” from 100 years ago is shameful. Dr. Mann’s hockey stick has not been discredited by reputable scientific bodies such as the National Academy of Sciences, NOAA, the American Meteorological Society, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment among many others. Scientists funded by fossil fuel manufacturers are not reputable. See Desmog.com.
Scientific data shows a clear and direct correlation between the increase in greenhouse gases and the increase in the earth’s temperature, the temperature of the oceans (the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico is often over 98 degrees), coral bleaching, the loss of glaciers, droughts, larger more destructive storms and their frequency, desertification, heat domes in the Northwest, among many other climate occurrences. Soon there will be an ice-free Arctic Ocean.
The United Nations COP 26 stated virtually all scientists who publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals agree on the current causes of climate change. The examples are too numerous to list. And Madsen’s evidence is some clown from 100 years ago?
David Randall
Very unwise decision if this station is shut down.
When I moved into Spokane years ago, it was a radio wasteland (AM and FM). No public broadcasting. Gonzaga was so underpowered it could not be heard. The only good Black music was on a station out of Pasco. Same for Hispanic music. In 1970, popular and even country music was out of the 1950s.
What will happen now? Christian broadcasters, fulfilling their mission, will be proselytizing all the way to Seattle. NPR is becoming a didactic talk station with the loss of “Kitchen Sink Blues.” Little classical, minimal jazz. Coyote Country was bought out by a Christian outfit. Gonzaga carries on for the classical fans, but for how long?
So maybe it will be on a podcast? PEW research found that podcast audiences are shrinking. Need to have a smartphone, internet or computer to receive one. Plus be able to understand a process called “downloading the app.” On Apple most likely.
I personally believe the community purpose of anything that calls itself a “university” is to expose its community not only to a variety of ideas and professions, but to a variety of the arts, which includes music. The Black studies program could incorporate a jazz or blues track as this history of jazz and blues began with Black musicians. As jazz grew, more minorities came on, and this branch of music has multiple genres.
I sincerely hope EWU reconsiders this decision and takes a look at how much is set aside for the Eagles football team.
Barbara Morrissey
After recently completing my 74th trip around the sun, of which 22 years in the military, it seems the question of right and wrong has yet to be resolved. I wish to urge our future generations, Gen X, Y, Z, to search for verifiable truths and vote for candidates with integrity, humility and common sense. This is your world in a decade from now. The ice will continue to melt.
Larry E. Lanning

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