Love Letter: When Finances Come to the Fore – The New York Times

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How has money complicated or transformed your relationships?

In relationships, money may be the most taboo of subjects. Yet it undeniably plays a role in how people relate.
We want to hear your true stories about how money has complicated or transformed your relationships, for possible inclusion in a Modern Love project.
We are looking for particular instances when financial dynamics come to the fore, especially in surprising and unexpected ways. Tell us, in no more than 150 words, the way finances have informed the way you relate to others (or, perhaps, the way others relate to you).
We want to hear your stories.
Here’s how to submit a Modern Love essay or an Unhitched column. Don’t feel like writing more than two tweets, an Instagram caption or a Facebook post? Consider submitting to Tiny Love Stories, which are no more than 100 words.
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