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11 September 2023, 20:35
Son watches his dad on a date on Your Mum My Dad
By Hope Wilson
How old is Clayton from My Mum Your Dad, what is his job and who is his son Christian? Here's everything you need to know.
My Mum Your Dad sees single parents living in an stunning country retreat together, with the hope of finding love.
Each parent has been nominated by their children to take part in the dating show. However unbeknownst to them, their kids will be watching their dates from a secret surveillance room and have the opportunity to match dating decisions for their mum and dad.
One of the father-son duos are Clayton and Christian.
How old is Clayton, what is his job and who is his son Christian? Here's everything you need to know about the pair.
Clayton is 57-years-old and from Nottingham.
Describing his ideal date, Clayton said: "I like dates where we can hear one another talk. So I like picnic dates. I like being by water, so a lake or the beach or something like that.
"A nice basket of food overlooking some water. I think active dates are better for a second date."
Clayton is a pastoral support officer.
He has divulged his feelings on taking part in the show, saying: "I’m nervous about having to be vulnerable, that’s something I don’t do very much."
However he is still looking forward to being in My Mum Your Dad, stating: "It gives people an opportunity to see a side of me they haven’t seen before.
Describing his ideal partner, Clayton said: "I’m looking for someone who I find physically attractive – I won’t make any excuses for that – but also someone that’s family orientated. We have a lot of gatherings and BBQs."
Clayton's son Christian is a 35-year-old graphic artist/warehouse employee from Nottingham.
He has spoken about why he nominated his dad for the show, saying:
"I just want him to settle down, find the right person – he’s getting on now! I want him to live life with someone. I want him to travel with someone and get out there."
Christian has also described Clayton's perfect partner, as being: "Someone who has drive like he does, traditional, has manners and can be understanding of each other. A patient woman who is understanding I’d say, with a bit of culture as we’re a big Jamaican family."
Clayton has opened up about why he thinks his dating life hasn't gone to plan, saying:
"It’s been a little bit hit and miss. Sometimes I think I’ve found the right one and I get really excited about it and get fully invested and then it just goes…"
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