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Updated: September 17, 2023 @ 7:23 am

Rev. Bob Turner’s Sept 17 sermon will ask “What Seas Do We Want Parted?” Turner’s First Presbyterian Church Sermon Theme further questions “What tough times do we want God to get us through?”
Using Psalm 103 as the First Lesson, Turner will continue with the Second Lesson from Exodus 14:19-31. During the service, Bob Grefe will serve as Liturgist and Gary Spear have the Opening Prayer. Larry Hollan will have Patchwork, the Children’s Sermon.
Those who choose to worship via Zoom May join the service at ZlRQN3hkZFFIZVp6MlFVL0 prb2VSdz09 after 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.
Paoli First Presbyterian Church begins Sunday service with breakfast at 10:15 a.m. This Sunday, Gary Spear and Larry Hollan will provide breakfast. Worship will follow at 10:45 a.m.
Paoli First Presbyterian Church welcomed Dr. George Sorrells and his message “Change” Sun., Sept. 10.
Paoli First Presbyterian will hold its monthly fish fry on the Courthouse Square in Paoli Fri., Sept. 15 and Sat., Sept 16.
As a preview, Paoli First Presbyterian Church will host Pet Blessing Sunday, Sept. 24.
Our Scripture text for Sunday, Sept. 17 is the Genesis 2:4b-25 creation account. Our world is portrayed as an interdependent web of relationships between God and humans and the natural world. Our worship focus this week is God creating humans…man and woman in companionship.
This passage tells of a relationship between humans and the ground (adam and adamah): humans from humus. And God is seen as a farmer and so are we. We are made of the earth, and the earth depends on human work to produce. We humans who breathe the divine breath are called to sustain life in the natural world around us: interdependence.
In the text humans are granted freedom and also a boundary; breaking this boundary (greed and over-consumption?) leads to disorder in the harmonious relationship between the different parts of this interdependent creation (“death”).
And God forms “a helper perfect” for the first human; “a fitting companion.” Not hierarchy but an equal partnership, interdependence. As two humans cling to each other in sexuality, we note a move away from the dependence of a child to a parent, toward interdependence.
Genesis 2 portrays a harmoniously interdependent creation—and also names human curiosity and desire. After Genesis 3, this interdependence is fraught and threatened. What is a healthy way forward?
Join us Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in worship which includes cross-generational involvement in worship with adults, children, and youth. (See our FB page. Phone 812-723-2414. Website
The church bell’s broken rope was replaced and rang again. Inside, the prelude instrumental song, “My Saviour First Of All,” prepared the congregation for worship. The hymns, “There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings” and “Redeemed” were led by Sam Leinart. Mike and Becky Magill put their musical talents to work for the offertory music, “Jesus and Me.” The children expressed enthusiasm, as they sang “Jesus Loves Me.” Carolyn Lessig’s solo was “The Lily Of The Valley.”
Donnie Lessig led the congregation in prayer. Linda Crecelius sang “Greater Is He.” The sermon topic was “Where Is Your Treasure?” The service closure song was “This So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.” Following the service, cupcakes and cookies were served in celebration of September birthdays and anniversaries.
The biblical trivia question of the week: The person that commits sin is of the? Last week’s question: How many years did it take for Solomon to build his house? It took thirteen years. It is recorded in 1 Kings 7:1.
This week Sr. Pastor Jason Lindsey reminded Christians what matters most when it comes to doctrine, The Cross. Throughout the years literally thousands of separate denominations have risen out of the different focuses, beliefs, and interpretations of the Bible. In a world where division is everywhere, we can’t allow the church to be a part of the problem. We are called to be the solution. We do this by shifting our focus to the things we agree on, not our differences. One thing we all have in common as believers Christ and the cross! If we can focus more on what Jesus did and less on what we think is correct, the Body of Christ can begin to get back to one mind, one body, one accord!
In other news we want to remind everyone that the parade and the pageant (preschool-8th grade) are just weeks away. Remember, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Blackhawk Blessings. Glory! Anyone interested in either event needs to get their entry forms submitted. We want these events as well as the festival as a whole to be one this community will never forget. Any questions or for general information, contact Della Chatman at (812) 653-7280 or Pastor Jason at (812) 583-9479. Until next week, stay blessed Orange County!
On Sept. 10, PCC hosted our first Mission Fair, with 13 mission organizations and their representatives that we support. Mark and Helen Begarly, Zimbabwe Outreach Ministries, traveled 8000 miles to attend. Mark’s sermon was “The Cost of Following Jesus, Luke 9:51-62:” 1. Die to self, 2. Leave what was and accept what is so you can receive what will be, and 3. Do God’s business because the business of the kingdom comes first. As an option, you may listen to Q100.1 or view the PCC Facebook live and You Tube. If you need a ride to Sunday morning service, contact the church office. Services are 9:30 a.m., Ladies’ Prayer Circle at 9 a.m. (Junior Church is for K-5th grade during Worship time.) and 10:45 a.m. Bible School for all ages, including Adults’ Bible School with Stanley Hall “10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible,” Scott Cobel “Engaging the Culture with Love and Truth,” and Richard Fried “1 John.” Wednesday Night Bible Study is for all ages at 7 p.m., with the next meal on Oct. 4. Sign up as a Wednesday night dinner sponsor for the youth. On Sept. 24 (Coin Sunday) PCC will celebrate 60 years of service in Paoli with a lunch and fellowship, followed by a dedication service for the new playground. Fifth Quarters are Sept. 22 and Oct. 13. Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be Oct. 7. A team will be heading to Floyd County, Kentucky, for a mission trip Oct. 15-21. The Harvest Fest (Trunk n’Treat) is Oct. 28. ICYC will be Nov. 10-11.
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