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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – A lot of people grow up with dreams of being a teacher, and some dream of doing so in the United States.
This year two teachers from the Philippines had their dreams come true at Shiloh Christian School in Bismarck.
As 11th-grade students enter the classroom, they’re doing things a little differently this year, and students are excited to see new perspectives.
“I was super excited about that because in Spanish class we talked a lot about culture. I’m always super excited for the culture units there and so it’s really been fun to learn about other cultures from the Philippines as well,” said Sam Benson, a student.
While North Dakota is a long way away, it took dozens of applications to get placed at Shiloh.
“To be honest, it is kind of a leap of faith to be here, and I thought it was impossible to be in the United States. But it’s all God’s plan that I’m here, and I’m just so thankful that God directed me to be here in the United States, which is like a dream of everybody,” said Judea Gamundoy, a Shiloh teacher from the Philippines.
While the new teachers are helping kids meet their goals, they’re reaching their own.
“Well, it’s been my dream to be here ever since I was a kid.… Okay, it makes me happy that I am here already and that my dream is already achieved,” said Angelie Balangue, a Shiloh teacher from the Philippines.
Their stay is for 3 years and might be extended up to five years.
“I’m loving North Dakota, especially here, the Shiloh family from the very beginning. We’ve been receiving a lot of kindness, so I am super thankful. It’s as if we are not feeling the homesickness because we have the Shiloh love,” said Balangue.
It was her first time in America, having only seen Americans on TV.
They say their first impressions of American students were more positive than they anticipated.
“We’ve been hearing, like, nervous that the teachers here will be really challenged, especially since we have cultural differences. But when we first arrived here, it’s really different,” said Gamundoy.
She didn’t expect all the kindness and the behavior of the kids to be so good.
Both of the educators are teaching high school English classes, and cultural classes about the Philippines.
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