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It’s almost time for Halloween! That means it is the perfect time to celebrate one of Dinsey’s most beloved movies: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Let’s take a look at the best items based on that classic film we can find at the greatest fall store of all, Spirit Halloween.
It’s officially Halloween time! That means it’s time to celebrate the one movie Disney and Hot Topic kids love equally: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton‘s iconic film is the perfect send-off for the year, telling the story of Jack Skellington and his dream to experience something new.
Part of what makes the movie so beloved is its combination of two of the best holidays. Now, your Halloween decorations can easily become Christmas decorations! It’s like you’re killing two birds with one stone, which is definitely more of a Halloween-y act. Unless they’re two turtle doves.
However, it does make one wonder which place is the best for Nightmare Before Christmas goodness. The Disney Store is guaranteed to have high-quality items, but it’s expensive. Home Depot has tons of inflatables and the 13-foot-tall Jack Skellington, but that’s only good if you have a front lawn or an understanding spouse.
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That leaves one perfect location: Spirit Halloween. Spirit Halloween is filled with more costumes, decorations, and accessories than you could ever need, especially when it comes to The Nightmare Before Christmas. On top of that, all of these items are officially licensed by Disney!
That being said, there are a ton of options to choose from, meaning it gives us the perfect opportunity to create a list of the best Nightmare Before Christmas items at Spirit Halloween. So sit back, grab a bottle of deadly nightshade, and take a look at the best that Spirit Halloween has to offer.
Add some Halloween Town style to your spooky season outfit rotations this year! This adorable and officially licensed Jack Skellington Coffin Mini Backpack is the perfect accessory for any ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ fan!
While Spirit Halloween is most known for its animatronic decorations and Halloween costumes, the store that lives in the corpses of failed businesses also has its share of accessories. One of the best is the Jack Skellington Coffin Mini Backpack.
Not only is this backpack shaped like a coffin, but it also has plenty of Nightmare Before Christmas imagery without getting too childish. Jack Skellington’s profile is front and center in beautiful metallic glory, while the mainly black carry-on is accented with lovely blue nightshade and creatures straight out of the mind of Tim Burton. It’s a wonderful item that can be worn any time of year.
Price: $59.99
Whether you’re decorating for Halloween or you just want to add a spooky detail to your everyday décor, this Jack Skellington Snow Globe is perfect for any fan. Celebrate the Pumpkin King!
One of the best parts about The Nightmare Before Christmas is that it works for Halloween and Christmas. That means you can leave these decorations up for the final quarter of the year! And the item that sums this up perfectly is the Light-Up Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Snow Globe.
Powered by AAA batteries, this snow globe celebrates the macabre imager of the classic film with a bit more Christmas flare. While Jack is dressed up in his Pumpkin King garb, some of Halloween Town’s most iconic citizens hang out in front of him. Meanwhile, Santa Claus stays behind the scenes near the dragon fountain. It’s a well-detailed piece that fans of both holidays will enjoy.
Price: $44.99
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With this Town Hall Table Clock and Bank in your collection, you’ll always have a safe spot for your loose change. Add this to any room to get it looking in the Halloween spirit, and everyone will know you love Jack and his crew. 
Part of the reason The Nightmare Before Christmas remains so iconic is the visual imagery. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the Gothic architecture of Halloween Town. Now, you can take a piece of that home with you while also keeping track of your finances with the Town Hall Table Clock and Bank.
A beautiful replica of Halloween Town’s Town Hall, this piggy bank is also a working clock. It also features Jack Skellington sitting with a pumpkin in his hands and the Mayor proudly standing, ready to start planning for next Halloween, er, Xmas.
Price: $39.99
Your little one will be the cutest ghost dog in town with this officially licensed Zero Costume. This poncho-style cape comes included with Zero head hood and light-up nose! 
Spirit Halloween has plenty of Halloween costumes that Nightmare Before Christmas fans of all ages can enjoy. Adults can enjoy multiple costumes based on Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie. And even though kids can do the same, there is another option that would work best for all members of the family.
If you have a younger child, why not dress them up in the Toddler Zero Costume? Not only does it pair well with parents who want to be Jack and Sally, but it has multiple advantages other costumes don’t. For one, it’s very easy to put on since it’s just a hood and a poncho. This Halloween costume also features a light-up nose, meaning it will be easier to keep track of your child. But most importantly, it is absolutely adorable. Give it a shot if you’re channeling Halloween Town this holiday season.
Price: $29.99
What’s more horrifying than Oogie Boogie? Oogie Boogie without his mask on! Celebrate your favorite insect-filled villain and upgrade your home décor collection when you get this officially licensed Oogie Boogie Bug Pillow. If you love rooting for the bad guy, this decoration is perfect for you.
When it comes to decorating for Halloween, people usually tend toward darker colors to inspire fear. What if you could find something that was brightly colored, but creepy at the same time? If that’s something that interests you, you’ll love the Oogie Boogie Bug Pillow.
This pillow combines the colors of Oogie Boogie’s blacklight abode with every insect living inside of his body. All of the neon creepy-crawlies work together to form the boogeyman’s terrifying grin.
If Oogie Boogie isn’t your style, but you still want a pillow, Spirit Halloween has you covered! Check out The Nightmare Before Christmas Pillows Two-Pack and the Jack Skellington Pillow shaped like Jack’s head.
Price: $29.99
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People will be calling you the King of Halloween Town when you add this officially licensed Jack Skellington Silhouette Tapestry to your home décor collection!
While most people love to have smaller items around the house that are cute or interesting, others want a work of art. And Nightmare Before Christmas fans will definitely get that with the Jack Skellington Silhouette Tapestry.
Measured at a massive 51×60 inches, this tapestry perfectly captures Tim Burton’s art style with a darker interpretation of one of the movie’s most iconic locations. While your eyes are immediately drawn to Jack’s silhouette in the moon on top of the spiral mountain, the other details are what set this apart, including the grimacing pumpkins and the Halloween Town facade in the back. This tapestry is more than a Halloween decoration; it’s a statement.
Price: $29.99
If you just can’t wait for the holidays to get here then you’ll love using this officially licensed Wood Block X-Mas and Halloween Countdown to count down the days. This spooky and festive coutdown counter is perfect for any fans of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and also makes some great decor for the home. The double-sided design allows you to count down to Christmas AND Halloween!
Despite being a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, you may not want an item that is just a bunch of characters standing around. If that’s the case, then the Wood Block X-Mas and Halloween Countdown is for you.
Although this doesn’t feature any characters or recognizable imagery, the style of this item still screams The Nightmare Before Christmas because of the font and design. This is also another great example of an item that is simultaneously Halloween decor and a Christmas decoration since the sign can be changed to countdown until Halloween or Christmas.
Price: $26.99
Sandy Claws has got the best gifts. Own this collectible piece of Christmas movie history with the iconic Vampire teddy plush doll. It may come to life and chase you around the room!
One of the best parts of the movie is when Jack Skellington delivers toys to the children of the world as Sandy Claws. Watching the messed-up toys come to life is a true delight. And one of the best ones is the vampire teddy bear. Wouldn’t you want one of those to take home?
Well, you now can! The Vampire Teddy Plush is as adorable as it is spooky. While there is no guarantee that it will come to life and attack your family, its toothy smile will either make your kids afraid or fall in love with it. Either way, it’s a successful Halloween.
Price: $26.99
Kids: Become the King of Halloween Town when you rock this officially licensed Jack Skellington Beanie. This hat is designed to look exactly like Jack and will let everyone know how much you love the iconic movie. 
Adult: Keep that head warm this spooky season by topping off your look with this officially licensed Jack Skellington Face Beanie Hat. This trendy beanie features glow in the dark details that look like the face of Jack Skellington and will make the perfect addition to any casual look.
Oftentimes, the simple design is the way to go. And it doesn’t get simpler than putting Jack Skellington’s face on a beanie. The Kids Jack Skellington Beanie is the perfect accessory to keep your children warm during the Autumn. Also, it won’t be considered too scary for your kids to wear at school.
Meanwhile, the Glow in the Dark Jack Skellington Face Beanie Hat is much more sinister. Not only does it feature Jack’s creepy grin, but his face glows in the dark! It’s a great touch to make this beanie stand out from the rest.
Kids Price: $16.99
Adult Price: $20.99
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Show everyone your favorite movie when you hang this officially licensed Halloween Town map sign in your home!
As mentioned earlier, one of the most fascinating parts of The Nightmare Before Christmas is the architecture. The proportions are wrong, and everything seems jagged. It’s as if M.C. Escher had Edgar Allan Poe‘s personality. And this map captures that perfectly.
What really separates this Halloween Town Map from other decorations is the detail. Every iconic location from Halloween Town is here, from Dr. Finklestien’s Lab to Oogie Boogie’s Lair. And the fact that it uses mostly white and lavender makes the piece feel more unique than any other item based on Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s truly nothing else like it.
Price: $19.99
The brightness in the room can set a tone for the entire evening. With this officially licensed Deadly Nightshade Bottle, you’ll be sure to create a perfect environment this Halloween season. This bottle will make you feel as if you’re doing research on Christmas with Jack Skellington himself!
This is another situation where simple is best. Nightshade is one of the most important ingredients used in Halloween town, and nothing captures its mysterious and sinister energy like the Light-Up LED Deadly Nightshade Bottle. It’s simple, elegant, and can fit just about anywhere.
Another benefit of this decoration is that it doesn’t just work with Nightmare Before Christmas. You can put this bottle out with any combination of Halloween decorations, and it will fit in. Can’t you just see a group of witches with this bottle on the shelf or even placing this on a drink cart? Instant creepy atmosphere.
Price: $14.99
Bring The Nightmare Before Christmas to life this Halloween when you wear this officially licensed Lock/Shock/Barrel Half Mask! When you put on this incredibly detailed mask, you’ll instantly transform into your favorite character. 
Planning group costumes can be a pain. You want the costumes to look good, but you also don’t want to spend forever finding the perfect piece or putting it all together. If you’re a Disney fan, these half masks are the perfect solution.
Meant to resemble Halloween Town’s resident trick-or-treaters, the Lock, Shock, and Barrel Half Masks automatically transform you into these beloved tricksters. Just find clothes that match what they wear in the movies. While you’ll only need the masks, you can go into more detail by painting your face underneath the mask and purchasing Barrel’s Lollipop.
Price: $14.99 each
Show everyone just how adorable the Pumpkin King can be when you decorate with this mini Jack Skellington pumpkin! This fun light-up pumpkin will fit on almost any table.
This final decoration is also the least expensive. For only $5, you can have a miniature pumpkin shaped and designed to resemble Jack Skellington‘s head. And it is absolutely adorable.
The Mini Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin is a simple piece that can fit into any Halloween connection. But if this particular piece is too neutral for you, you can also buy a version featuring Jack’s iconic grin.
If you would like more characters as miniature pumpkins, Spirit Halloween also offers Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero, and Dr. Finklestein.
Price: $4.99
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And there you have it! Some of the spookiest Nightmare Before Christmas items you will find for this Halloween season. Let us know if there are any you think we missed, and have a wonderful All Hallow’s Eve!
What’s your favorite Disney Halloween film? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!
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