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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — Here at Two & Company in Chagrin Falls, you’ll find Derek Hunter hard at work helping customers and staff alike. But Derek’s not only a stellar employee, he’s also the inspiration behind the whole operation.
“When Derek was born, I was shocked with [his] medical diagnosis of Down Syndrome and…I knew typically what would happen to kids with that diagnosis and that label. And I decided very, very quickly that he would not be labeled and he would not be limited,” his mom Shari Hunter said. “And that became kind of a real passion in my life.” 
From that passion, Shari created “The Two.” On the surface, it looks like a typical café, and a boutique, but it’s actually a non-profit with a mission. Shari is the Founder and CEO.
“We are here to create opportunities for people of every ability to connect, work, grow, and thrive,” she explained. “When individuals are transitioning out of high school or out of a sheltered workshop and how are they really going to be prepared for community employment? And so that’s what we do here.”
To do that, they provide teachers and hands on training in everything from food prep, to office skills – they even manufacture jewelry and candles onsite.
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“We’re training in all these different rotations and we start eliminating rotations as we figure out their sweet spot [and] what they love to do. And then by the time they finish training here, we know what that job needs to look like and which business is going to best match that,” she said. “And we have 85 businesses at this point hiring from us. And so we’re really like a matchmaking system for the workplace.”
In nearly ten years in operation, the foundation has helped more than 200 individuals with workforce training and has placed 166 in roles at area companies.
They’re helping people like Sean Moore, who went through the training program, and now has a job working in the kitchen at Gilmour Academy. Like many individuals The Two works with, Sean blossomed during his time in the program.
“My experience here at first, was a little nerve wracking, that’s like when you start a new job, but then I gotten better and I became a leader in helping all my friends who have a bad day,” he told 3News anchor Jay Crawford.
And no surprise, Sean credits Derek with much of his success. It’s those special connections that all tie back to the Hunter family’s passion for helping others. Derek’s siblings Christian and Tiffany are also involved in the business, and it’s clear Derek is proud of his family’s commitment to the community.
“I am definitely super proud and I’m super honored to work along the side of my mom as well,” Derek told 3News Contributor Matt Kaulig. “I mean, she means the huge world to me as well. I mean, if it wasn’t for her, okay. I mean, I wouldn’t be here…and she loves doing it.”
Now, Shari and the team are hoping to expand that love, as they work to raise funds for a new, larger facility.
“We hope by June of 2024 we’re moving to our new space right in the heart of Chagrin Falls, which we own that space. And so we’re super excited to be able to move down there and help a lot more people here,” she said.
Two & Company and the Two Foundation are still actively fundraising and in need of donations for their capital campaign. You can learn more about getting involved at and click on the foundation link to donate.
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