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The young star’s career speaks for itself with several Hollywood hits. Here’s how audiences at Rotten Tomatoes rank his 10 best.
Few people in the cinema business are currently as big as Timothée Chalamet. The young thespian is mostly known for his looks and the physique that has allowed him to tackle characters of every nature. In six years, since he was put in the spotlight with Call Me By Your Name, Chalamet has done 13 movies. Not bad for the 27-year-old who has been very vocal about being inspired to get into acting after seeing Heath Ledger play the Joker in The Dark Knight.
The young film star appears to show up in just about every big film, except for the huge commercial vehicles from franchises. No Star Wars, no MCU or DCEU, and nothing associated with money-grabbing behemoths from the biggest studios. It seems he simply knows how to pick roles that don't reflect his current Hollywood status of a megastar. Chalamet can act, and he's got at least one Academy Award nomination to prove it. It will not be the last, we can assure you.
However, today we will dive into how the audience sees him. No critics today. This is the ranking of the 10 best films by Timothée Chalamet according to the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.
In Scott Cooper's vastly underrated Western, Hostiles, Chalamet plays Private Dejardin, the young member of the military escort led by Captain Blocker (Christian Bale) that's trying to take a war chief back to Montana. Chalamet's role is small in the film and is sadly cut short by a tragedy in the plot. But, considering how good the ensemble cast is, he makes sure to shine among the rest.
Adam McKay's Don't Look Up had a huge cast. Unfortunately, this couldn't save the film from being heavily criticized. In the film, Chalamet plays Yule, a young shoplifter Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) connects with and ultimately falls in love with, while the world is literally coming to an end. As secondary as his part is, the young actor makes sure to leave a mark with a charismatic character that represents care in the strangest of moments.
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Chalamet gives life to Nic in Beautiful Boy, one of his most important films. The film tells the story of David and Nic, a father and son couple who must deal with Nic's relapse into meth addiction. The film is based on a true story that was adapted from a book written by David Sheff.
The father is forced to reevaluate his relationship in order to finally cure his son of the affliction. Chalamet's performance is key to understanding how well he does in dramatic roles.
In the Greta Gerwig coming-of-age comedy-drama Lady Bird, the audience explores the complex life of Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), a California teenager who can't balance her life between the difficult relationship she has with her mom and her drive to become something other than just a boring girl with religious values.
Chalamet plays Kyle, the rebellious and popular boy whom Christine falls for while figuring out how not to "explode."
The Netflix period piece The King tells the story of how Henry V became King of England when his father suddenly dies and the boy is forced to change his customs in order to become the leader of an empire. Hal is superbly played by the actor who truly embodied the personal crisis the young man had to face when becoming the king and having to face enemies, both in and outside his realm.
Not many remember Chalamet plays Tom Cooper in Interstellar. His second film appearance is quite short, but very important for the actor who was cast in a huge project, led by one of Hollywood's most important directors. Tom is the obnoxious big brother to Murph, the girl who finds her father didn't just run away to space to save humanity.
Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name was Chalamet's big breakout. In the film, he plays Elio Perlman, the teenager who falls in love with his father's assistant during a scorching summer in Italy during the '80s.
Chalamet delivered a riveting performance as a teenager in love and got himself the Academy Award nomination that would further put him in the Hollywood spotlight of young actors who weren't only handsome but could act as well.
It was inevitable for Chalamet to join a franchise, but he picked the right one when participating in the risky project that was Denis Villeneuve's Dune. The young actor plays the lead Paul Atreides, the noble teenager who must defend the galaxy against another overlord who wishes to control the universe's most valuable substance.
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Not only did the film have a Hollywood star play the main character, but Chalamet's physicality felt tailor-made for the role.
Greta Gerwig has Chalamet teaming up again with Ronan for her adaptation of the literary classic. Little Women tells the story of the March Sisters, as they each navigate through their different views of life and try to keep it together as a family in 19th-century Massachusetts. Chalamet plays Laurie, a boy whose heart connects to sisters Jo and Amy in different parts of their lives.
​​​​​​​Chalamet has said in the past that Kid Cudi is one of his idols. His participation in the artist's TV project Entergalactic is his first in the animated genre and is actually quite good.
Chalamet gives life to Jimmy, one of Jabari's (Kid Cudi) friends who accompanies the artist on the journey to let love enter his life. The Netflix special is an audiovisual companion to the musician's album of the same name and is a great example of a modern animated musical.
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