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Most people will get an idea or two — or a couple dozen — for a service or a product at some point in their lifetime. However, only a small percentage will bring that idea to reality and into the market. The people who take the shot, however, have a chance of becoming the ones who innovate, develop communities, create wealth, and move humanity forward. It’s essential to look around for people working towards innovation and give them the credit they’re due. Here are five of the people deserving of that praise in 2023. 
Christian Guzman is a prominent figure in the world of fitness, known for his star power and captivating presence. As a fitness mogul, YouTuber, vlogger, and entrepreneur, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. 
Christian’s journey began online, where he quickly gained fame as a fitness guru. His dedication to health and fitness, coupled with his charismatic personality, made him a sensation among millions of followers worldwide. He has inspired countless individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles and pursue their fitness goals. 
Driven by his passion and ambition, Christian founded Alphalete Athletics, an esteemed athleisure brand. Alphalete Athletics offers stylish activewear that not only enhances the wearer’s physique but also prioritizes quality and functionality.  
Beyond his successful ventures in the fashion industry, Christian’s lifelong dream was to establish his own gym. He turned that dream into reality with the creation of the Alphalete gym in Houston, Texas. This state-of-the-art facility caters to fitness enthusiasts and offers Summer Shredding workout plans, providing individuals with comprehensive tools and guidance to achieve their fitness aspirations. 
Christian’s entrepreneurial spirit remains insatiable. Continuously pushing his own boundaries, he has set ambitious goals for himself through his “10 goals in 10 years” challenge. This challenge, conceived when he was just 19 years old, has fueled his drive and determination to achieve greatness. Some of Christian Guzman’s goals for the upcoming decade include filming and uploading 1,000 YouTube videos, expanding the Alphalete brand by opening five new gyms worldwide and establishing a non-profit organization. 
Born on September 8th, 1986, in McComb, MS, Reco Jefferson, Air Force veteran turned software engineer is now a respected eCommerce expert with several seven-figure businesses under his belt. His journey began when he was broke and serendipitously discovered the world of dropshipping. Fuelled by his passion for business growth and a desire to create job opportunities, he invested his earnings from his software career into his businesses. 
His formula for entrepreneurial success rests on persistence and habit-building. He revels in the creative freedom entrepreneurship affords him, particularly the thrill of conceptualizing new business ideas. To him, success is not just about financial gains but the pride in his accomplishments and his businesses’ positive impact on others. 
A highlight of his journey was hosting his first mastermind, a testament to his influence and the respect he had garnered in the industry. His approach to adversity is unwavering optimism and perseverance, backed by the knowledge of his own potential. 
With a team largely built from referrals and social media connections, Reco Jefferson plans to grow his businesses through honesty and high-quality client service. He leverages social media for marketing, offering valuable content before transitioning to paid ads. 
His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to ignore the detractors, work hard daily, and the results will come. Currently, he derives immense satisfaction from his Amazon automation business and hopes to venture into business consulting. His ultimate driving force? His mother, who’s been his biggest cheerleader, inspired him to follow his unique path. 
Mary Spio, a visionary tech entrepreneur, founded CEEK VR in 2016 with the aim of empowering artists, creators, sports teams, and brands to easily monetize their work in the Metaverse. Spio successfully established a platform that stands apart for its comprehensive reach, connecting creators with diverse platforms. 
Since its inception, CEEK VR has witnessed exponential growth and expansion, evolving into a global metaverse platform with six awarded patents for its proprietary technology. Working with industry giants, CEEK VR has constructed a thriving metaverse community of over seven million worldwide users and has partnered with numerous renowned superstars. 
Notable achievements for CEEK VR extend to sectors beyond entertainment, with a foray into VR applications in education and healthcare facilitated by early funding from tech giants.  
CEEK VR has centered its strategy on delivering value to partners and focusing on revenue, driving its ongoing growth. With a customer-centric approach at its core, CEEK VR consistently engages with its community and highly values user feedback. 
Emphasizing her commitment to innovation, Mary Spio is excited about upcoming releases featuring huge names in the entertainment industry. The company’s upcoming work with large renowned brands reflects Spio’s commitment to remain at the vanguard of the ever-evolving metaverse and AR/VR technologies. 
Ryan Niddel is an accomplished CEO, board member, and entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio. With an impressive track record of multiple business successes, Ryan’s journey in the business world began at the young age of 10 when he started his own lawn mowing service. Today, he stands as the CEO and managing partner of MIT45, a thriving company specializing in the manufacturing and sales of Kratom products. 
Ryan Niddel is renowned for his exceptional ability to strategize, drive operational efficiency, and maximize business growth across a series of verticals. He is often invited to become an integral part of the businesses he advises due to his exceptional leadership, guidance, and industry expertise. His unique combination of finance and business knowledge allows him to delve into the intricacies of growing businesses. He has successfully tripled the revenue of more than 5 companies in under 3 years, adding an extraordinary $950 million in valuation to these organizations.  
Ryan has been featured in numerous press releases and interviews, such as The Daily Moss, Medium, Benzinga, MarketWatch, and more. Ryan’s active presence on social media platforms also allows him to connect with a wide network of professionals and share his insights with a broader audience. 
When he is not transforming businesses or sharing his expertise, Ryan Niddel can be found dividing his time between Columbus, Ohio, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Ryan’s passion for success is clear in his commitment to personal growth and helping individuals and businesses thrive. 
Chelsey and Stephen Diaz, founders of The Rainmaker Family, reinvented their professional lives by shifting from a decade-long career in wedding photography to the development of an initiative dedicated to empowering mothers to launch online businesses. This transformative journey was sparked by their success in selling a wooden toy on Amazon, a venture that opened their eyes to the immense potential of online commerce. Inspired by the profound impact this had on their lifestyle and the possibility of similar benefits for others, they founded The Rainmaker Family brand. 
Initially, their outreach encompassed a broad audience, but they soon recognized the unique opportunity they had to contribute to mothers’ financial independence. They now provide comprehensive guidance on the multifaceted process of launching e-commerce brands, covering everything from product selection and market research to liaising with manufacturers. Their dedicated support and mentorship have had tangible impacts on their community, with mothers generating six-figure incomes and even ascending to millionaire status. 
Looking towards the future, The Rainmaker duo is establishing a venture capital fund, styled along the lines of “Shark Tank,” with an express purpose of investing in and nurturing businesses led by mothers. True to their commitment, The Rainmaker Family continues to offer essential tools and resources for mothers to not just build and grow, but also eventually sell successful online businesses, thus paving the way for sustainable financial freedom. Through their endeavors, they demonstrate that entrepreneurship is a viable and rewarding path for mothers seeking independence and economic security. 


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