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In Numbers
39,482 people assisted in July 2023
US$ 481,506 cash-based transfers made
US$ 50.2 million six months (August 2023-January 2024) net funding requirements
Operational Updates
General Food Assistance
In July, WFP provided cash assistance to over 2,200 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Jada’a 1 camp. A total of 154 mt of dates donated by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre of Saudi Arabia, as well as 56mt of Immediate Response Rations (IRR), were distributed to over 37,000 Syrian refugees in 10 camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).
Due to funding constraints, the distribution cycle for Syrian refugees was extended from a four-week to a sixweek cycle, with a transfer value reduced to IQD 15,500 (US$ 12) per person, to ensure uninterrupted assistance.
Starting July 2023, a Community Feedback Mechanism (CFM) was activated through the WFP toll-free number to effectively address beneficiary concerns, receive feedback and enquiries regarding the status of assistance.
Economic Empowerment, Livelihoods Support and Climate Change
The WFP Resilience team is currently designing a new Economic Empowerment project, which aims to support unemployed youth through intensive training courses. WFP is actively taking part in governmental initiatives such as the Riyada initiative by the Prime Minister Council to provide vital support to unemployed youth in Iraq. This includes offering technical, vocational, and skills training, as well as access to funding for small projects and private business startups.
To further enhance employment opportunities for youth, WFP is collaborating with the private sector to innovate and implement strategies that cater to the local market. Additionally, potential future partnerships and joint projects with UNESCO are being explored to secure additional support and resources for future interventions.
The Jousour programme continues its activities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Anbar Governorate.
The programme is engaged in various activities to ensure quality outcome for youth including:
WFP and UNICEF to deliver Life Skills and Citizenship Education to partners and WFP trainers (ToT) was held for a selected WFP staff to assist marginalized communities to access financial services.
As part of WFP’s climate change activities, WFP is communicating with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture with a focus on enhancing the capacity of Iraqi governmental stakeholders in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Further, WFP held discussions with representatives from the Iraqi Government to explore alternative climate financing options through the carbon credit market, aiming to foster the shift towards a low-carbon economy while supporting sustainable development.
School Feeding
WFP collaborated with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to develop the National School Feeding Programme policy. An initial version of the policy has been circulated by MoE to relevant stakeholders for feedback.
WFP and MoE are developing a comprehensive Social Behaviour and Communication Change (SBCC) training for participants from MoE, and Ministry of Health, and WFP. The training is scheduled in August. Discussions with MoE are ongoing to implement Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) assessment.
WFP and MoE will provide a one-month soft skills training starting in August related to programme and data management to MoE staff.
Social Protection
Under the Social Protection Intervention, WFP continued to provide technical and field support to the Ministry of Trade. Registrations are ongoing and have reached 92 percent (257,077 households (HH)) in Dohuk and 82 percent (165,503 HH) in Muthanna. The Ministry of Trade has taken ownership of the project and initiated the registration in Baghdad and Kirkuk Governorates with the aim of expanding and rolling out the system at the national level.
Additionally, WFP initiated capacity-building activities in Dohuk. A series of TOT were conducted in July, engaging 15 Government staff and covering various topics related to the digitalization of the Public Distribution System (PDS).
Iraq + 1 more
Iraq + 1 more
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