What PM Modi said at inauguration: ‘Every decision taken in the new Parliament will empower generations to come’ – The Indian Express

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Some moments come in the development journey of every country, which become immortal forever. Some dates become indelible signatures of history on the forehead of time. May 28, 2023, is such an auspicious occasion. The country is celebrating Amrit Mahotsav on the occasion of 75 years of independence. In this Amrit Mahotsav, the people of India have gifted this new building of Parliament to their democracy.
This is not just a building. It is a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. This is the temple of our democracy, giving the message of India’s determination to the world. This new Parliament House will prove to be an important link connecting planning with reality, policy with construction, will power with action power, resolution with achievement. This new building will become a means of realising the dreams of our freedom fighters. This new building will witness the sunrise of self-reliant India. This new building will see the fulfilment of the resolutions of a developed India. This new building is also an ideal for the coexistence of the new and the old.
New patterns are created only by walking on new paths. Today, New India is setting new goals, forging new paths. There is new enthusiasm. New journey, new thinking. The direction is new, the vision is new. The resolution is new, the belief is new. And, today, once again the whole world is looking at India, the determination of India, the intensity of the people of India, the spirit of the Indian people, with a sense of respect and hope. When India moves forward, the world moves forward. This new building of the Parliament will call for the development of the world along with the development of India.
On this historic occasion, the Holy Sengol has also been established in this new building of Parliament. In the Great Chola Empire, Sengol was considered a symbol of the path of duty, the path of service, the path of the nation. Under the guidance of Rajaji and the sages of Adheenams, this Sengol became the symbol of the transfer of power. The saint of (Thiruvaduthurai) Adheenam, who had come specially from Tamil Nadu, was present in the Parliament House to bless us. I bow down to him again. This sacred Sengol has been established in the Lok Sabha under his guidance. I believe, it is our good fortune that we have been able to return this sacred Sengol its dignity, its dignity. Whenever proceedings begin in this Parliament House, this Sengol will continue to inspire us all.
India is not only a democratic nation but also the mother of democracy. Today India is also a big base of global democracy. Democracy is not just a system for us, it is a culture, an idea, a tradition. Our Vedas teach us the democratic ideals of sabhas and samitis. The system of ganas and republics is mentioned in texts like the Mahabharata. We have considered Lord Basaveshwara’s Anubhava Mantapa as our pride. The inscription of 900 AD found in Tamil Nadu still surprises everyone. Our democracy is our inspiration, our constitution is our resolve. If anyone is the best representative of this inspiration, this resolution, then it is our Parliament. And this Parliament announces the rich culture that the country represents: Shete Nipadya-Manasya Charati Charato Bhag: Charaiveti, Charaiveti, Charaiveti (The one who stops, his luck also stops. But the one who keeps going, his fate moves ahead, touches the heights. And so, keep going, keep going).
This Amrit Kaal of freedom is the Amrit Kaal to forge new dimensions of development while preserving the heritage. This Amrit Kaal of freedom is the Amrit Kaal to give a new direction to the country. This Amrit Kaal of freedom is the Amrit Kaal to fulfil infinite dreams and innumerable aspirations. The call of this immortal time is:
A free motherland needs new values./ For a new festival, a new soul is needed./ Free song is happening, new melody is needed./For a new festival, a new soul is needed.
And that’s why this workplace, which is going to make India’s future bright, should also be equally innovative, it should be modern.
There was a time when India was counted among the most prosperous and luxurious nations in the world. From India’s cities to palaces, from India’s temples to sculptures, India’s architecture proclaimed India’s expertise. From the town planning of the Indus Civilisation to the Mauryan pillars and stupas, from the magnificent temples built by the Cholas to the reservoirs and large dams, India’s ingenuity amazed travellers from all over the world. But hundreds of years of slavery took away this pride from us. A time has also come when we start getting fascinated by the construction done in other countries. The new India of the 21st century, India full of high spirit, is now leaving behind that thinking of slavery. Today, India is once again turning that glorious stream of ancient times towards itself. And this new building of Parliament has become a living symbol of this effort.
On August 15, I had said from the Red Fort: This is the time, the right time. There comes a time in the history of every nation when the consciousness of the country awakens anew. Remember the first 25 years of 47, 25 years before independence in India, such a time had come. Gandhiji’s Non-cooperation movement had filled the whole country with a belief. Gandhiji had connected every Indian with the resolution of Swaraj. This was the time when every Indian was fighting for freedom. We saw the result of this in the form of India’s independence in 1947.
This golden period of independence is also such a stage in the history of India. Twenty-five years from now, India will complete 100 years of its independence. We also have a nectar period of 25 years. Together we have to make India a developed nation in these 25 years. The goal is big, the goal is also difficult, but today every countryman has to work hard for it, take new vows, take new resolutions, take a new pace. And history is witness that the faith of us Indians, is not limited to India only. Our freedom struggle had awakened a new consciousness in many countries of the world at that time. India got freedom from our freedom struggle and at the same time, many countries started on the path of freedom. The faith of India had supported the faith of other countries. And therefore, when a country like India full of diversity, a country with such a large population, a country fighting so many challenges, moves forward with a belief, it also inspires many countries of the world.
This new Parliament will give new energy and new strength to the world’s largest democracy. Our workers have made this Parliament House so grand with their sweat. Now it is the responsibility of all of us MPs to make it more divine with our dedication. The resolve of all of us 140 crore Indians as a nation is the lifeblood of this new Parliament. Every decision taken here is going to beautify the coming centuries. Every decision taken here will empower the generations to come. Every decision taken here will become the basis of India’s bright future. The path of empowerment of the poor, Dalit, backward, tribal, disabled, every deprived family of the society, the path of giving priority to the deprived passes through here. Every brick, every wall, every particle of this new Parliament House is dedicated to the welfare of the poor. New laws to be made in this new building of Parliament in the next 25 years, will make India a developed India. The laws to be made in this Parliament will help India out of poverty. The laws to be made in this Parliament will create new opportunities for the youth and women of the country. I am sure, this new building of the Parliament will become the basis for the creation of a new India. A prosperous, strong and developed India, an India that walks more strongly on the path of policy, justice, truth, dignity and duty.
Edited excerpts from the speech delivered by the Prime Minister at the inauguration of the new Parliament House on May 28, 2023
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