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Born in 1098 Hildegard of Bingen was declared a doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict in 2012 and is also one of the first identifiable women composers of Western music. In recent years her remarkable life has been rediscovered and celebrated.
Following the death of the monastery’s abbess Hildegard was appointed to replace her and it was then that her visionary writings began to flower. News of her wisdom and spiritual gifts spread and she became highly respected by her fellow mystic Bernard of Clairvaux and even by the Pope of the time, Eugene III. Despite the lack of any musical training she wrote vibrant music and hymns for her nuns to sing as part of the Divine Office, and although there is little evidence that they were heard outside of the convent prior to her death, they have lived on and are now sung throughout the world.
Dean Abi said: “Hildegard has always been a great inspiration for me. From singing her haunting melodies as a child through to learning about the way she spoke boldly to senior church figures, full of dignity and immense spiritual insight and wisdom, she encourages me to see beyond the obvious and go deeper into the great mysteries of God.”
Dean Abi’s favorite Hildegard chant is a hymn to the Virgin Mary called ‘OViridissima Virga’. The words translated are …

On 17 September we will celebrates the Feast of St Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). At 6pm there will be a musical presentation to celebrate the life of this incredible saint and mystic. Dean Abi will lead a talk and will perform alongside harpist Hannah Sandoval and members of our choir. Refreshments will be available as you arrive and there will be plenty of time for peace and reflection in the beauty of a candlelit Sheffield Cathedral following the presentation. All are welcome.
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